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My name is Aimee. I am the owner of Happy Tags an online handmade shop for pet id tags. I have 3 cats and a 3 year old rescue dog named Neo.
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We are giving away two free pet tags, from our Happy Tag collection.

To enter the contest post a comment on this blog, with your contact information. The lucky winners will be selected randomly trough random.org and announced on May 23, 2014.

Winners will be emailed, If we do not have the winners email it will be posted here on our blog. Please make sure to bookmark our blog so you can see if you have won.

Good Luck Everyone. - A & The Happy Tags Family

Orey does her best to get love from Neo she is very stubborn I caught her sneaking a snuggle while he was sleeping today! ❤️

32 ounces if green love or juice or green love juice 💚💚💚 it’s just yummy! #kale #greenjuice #vegan #plantbased #romaine #ginger #lemon #dandelion #apples #kiwi #celery #organic

I took this last year :) ❤️ happy to be alive another year!

March is National Nutrition Month, yay!!  Dust off your juicers and let’s get healthy.  Having  a healthy lifestyle isn’t just for people, it’s for our pets too.  There are several other people foods that dog’s can have too, what is your pup’s favorite treat?  

* Please not these are for treats not meal replacements, feed sparingly.

Birdies in my backyard, sounds like spring and it’s winter ❄️

This is so adorable and sweet. U.S. Olympian is doing his best to adopt all the stray puppies in Sochi http://usat.ly/1nvpSNa

Does your dog have a night time sleeping habit? Mine does. He likes to sneak around my house and eat things, like this:


This is an eos lipgloss and it isn’t the first time he’s ruined a lipgloss of mine, I found him throwing an eos lipgloss up in the air and chasing after it like he would one of his toys. I immediately took it from him said “no, this is a choking hazard, no, no, no.”I then threw it away, I watched his eyes follow the lipgloss into the garbage, he wanted it and he was crushed that I threw his new found toy away. He does this thing where he sits down, lays down and then let’s out a grunt and it’s not just like grunt it’s like a “grunt, moan, huff, long sigh” he did that and then looked at me with those eyes that make me melt and think well it was only a $3.00 lip gloss, I’ll get another one & in his defense it’s shaped like a ball and smells so delicious.

Really, could you be mad at this face?

Knowing he once looked like this:


So imagine my surprise when I woke up the other day to a present on the couch, right next to my purse my dog had opened up my purse taken out my NEW strawberry sorbet eos lipgloss and ate the inside contents, then snuck back into my bedroom unnoticed. Leaving the mess on the couch. He didn’t even try to hide it, he could have at least buried the evidence in the couch cushion but he didn’t, this was a clear message that he has won the battle. So again I said “no, no, no, this is a bad dog” he looks at it smells the air and then does his beg trick I said “no this is a no, no, you are going to be sick”. He puts his head down like I harmed him and walks away from me his tail between his legs. Making me feel sad for him.



Last night I took my purse to bed with me stick it down right by my night stand, thinking it’s safe there right? wrong!!! At 3 in the morning… I wake to my dog rustling around in my purse, loud sniffing noises and scratching. My husband immediately yelled “knock it off Neo” I look down and right by my bed is Neo has his head inside my purse. He wanted more, I had no more, he swears my purse is a dispenser of wondrous edibles. He’s stolen gum from me, lotion and his latest obsession eos lipgloss. He’s very selective and only takes certain things I swear when he is digging in my purse his mind is like Blistex — no, Kiss my face — no, Bare Essentials — No, eos —- yes yes yes, Gum —- SCORE and then he finishes it off by checking to see if the showers open to see if he can steal the soap. He’s ate soap before and in the middle of the night threw it up, we had the hardest time cleaning it up because how do you really… clean soap up?

Now I looked it up eos is organic and there is no questionable ingredients, but I’m out $6.00 and just bought a new one last night. My purse is now far away from his reach but now every time I put my lip gloss on he sniffs the air and tries to lick my face, he’s seriously obsessed with eos lipgloss and I guess I am too since I have bought 3 of the same flavor this month.

What a crazy dog, am I the only dog owner who has a dog obsessed with smelly things?


Neo will be today’s door greeter for our #superbowl party he’s routing for the #seahawks because that is where his cousins live & they obviously have the prettier colors. 💙💚💙💚💚💚💙💙🐶🐶 he also can’t wait to check out those sexy bit**es in the #puppybowl. *Woof woof* Happy Sunday.

Does your dog sleep on your bed?

While in Bed Bath and Beyond browsing the pet section, a couple whisked by me, so fast I could feel the air move and the lady pointed & said “yep that’s the one” and the guy obediently grabbed the stairs for dogs, you know the ones that allow your tiny dog full access to your bed. They had invaded my space and I couldn’t hold my words, I said to the man “you allow that to happen?” and he said yes our new chihuahua barks because she cannot get up on the bed, she keeps me awake. I looked at my husband who was laughing at me, (I never approach strangers so he was amused) I pointed to him and said “he won’t let me allow the dog on our bed” the guy laughed, and I said “well, I have to” and looked at his wife she had a huge grin on her face. Ok at this point I looked at him and said “your a great guy” I looked at her and said “your a lucky lady” and my husband said to the man “your making me look bad.” And of course again I complained that our dog is not allowed on the bed. Although when my husbands not home, he’s allowed… sad thing is he is trained so well not to do it that he does things like this. Is your dog allowed your bed?